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Become the Go-To Specialist in Intergenerational Trauma Therapy

Are you a dedicated therapist looking to deepen your expertise and expand your toolkit? You're in the right place. In our programs on intergenerational trauma, we've harnessed cutting-edge neuroscience to create a suite of specialized training solutions. Whether you're a beginner looking to better understand the complexities of intergenerational trauma or a seasoned professional seeking certification, we've got you covered.

FREE Five Domains of Assessment Checklist for Therapists

New to intergenerational trauma? Start with this comprehensive checklist. Understand the key domains that you need to focus on for effective diagnosis and treatment. It’s the first step in reducing burnout and boosting your confidence in treating complex family dynamics.

Intergenerational Trauma Toolkit for Therapists

Get off the endless training cycle. This self-paced online toolkit provides a streamlined approach to assessing and intervening in cases of intergenerational trauma. Gain in-depth knowledge, from assessment tools to client handouts, ensuring you have the resources to be effective from day one.

Intergenerational Trauma Program - Certification

Take your practice to the next level with this definitive certification program. Gain a profound understanding of neuroscience-based techniques, including our signature Intergenerational Resilience Method. Become a Certified Intergenerational Trauma Specialist and a Courageous Therapist, transforming complex family issues into opportunities for resilience and healing.

Supporting Children with Sexual Behavior Problems

Explore this specialized course aimed at equipping you with the knowledge and strategies for dealing with children displaying sexual behavior problems. Understand the underlying factors often linked with intergenerational trauma and learn actionable approaches to foster a healthier family environment.

Why Choose Us?

Our programs stand on three pillars:

  1. Specialization and Expertise: Elevate your practice by becoming an expert in the field of intergenerational trauma.

  2. Compassionate Community: Thrive within a network of like-minded professionals through mentorship and shared resources.

  3. Cutting-Edge Knowledge: Stay ahead of the curve with training that’s grounded in the latest neuroscience research.

Join our community and redefine what it means to be a therapist in today's complex world. Your journey towards specialized expertise starts here.

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