Are You a Therapist Overwhelmed with Complex Family Dynamics?

Unlock the power of neuroscience-based interventions for intergenerational trauma. Elevate your practice, lessen your burnout, and become the go-to specialist in your field.

Hello, I'm Dr. Barbara Woods. Welcome to a community of compassionate and dedicated professionals. Here, we train therapists like you to specialize in treating intergenerational trauma, transforming you into a Certified Intergenerational Trauma Specialist.

Begin Your Specialized Journey

Gain mastery over the complexities of intergenerational trauma through our structured programs:

Five Domains of Assessment Checklist for Therapists (FREE!)

Learn the crucial five domains of assessment that will empower you to understand and identify the far-reaching impacts of intergenerational trauma. Improved identification means enhanced therapy outcomes, longer client retention, and increased confidence in treating complex family dynamics.

Intergenerational Trauma Toolkit for Therapists

Tired of endlessly cycling through various courses and training programs? Our Toolkit provides you with assessment and brief intervention systems specifically designed for complex cases. Get off the training treadmill and start making transformative progress.

The Courageous Way - Intergenerational Trauma Program & Certification

Transform your frustration and overwhelm into expertise and confidence. Become a Certified Intergenerational Trauma Specialist through the most efficient and effective system of neuroscience-based interventions—turning family trauma into resilience.

PSychoTherapy approach

The Intergenerational Resilience Method

What makes our approach unique? The Intergenerational Resilience Method is a groundbreaking collection of interventions organized within an efficient framework. We tackle the intricacies of autonomic dysregulation, attachment disruptions, child development impacts, and family connection—all through the lens of cutting-edge neuroscience.

By joining our compassionate community, you're not just becoming another therapist; you're evolving into a specialized expert in the field of intergenerational trauma. Leverage the latest neuroscience research and methodologies to provide efficient, effective, and empathetic care to your clients.

Your journey towards specialization and expertise begins here.

This revised content aims to capture your brand's professionalism, compassion, and authority while emphasizing the unique value you bring to the field of psychotherapy. It underlines your specialization and expertise in neuroscience-based techniques, fostering a community of compassionate professionals, and equipping them with cutting-edge knowledge.

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Check out what colleagues & students

have to say:

"Barbara Woods, PhD. is a passionate advocate for children and their families. I have co-led a book study with Barbara and experienced her creativity and ability to teach others, parents and professionals. She is highly knowledgeable about trauma and Polyvagal Theory. Through her trauma-informed approaches and expert guidance, she helps each person who’s life she touches."

Doreen Hunt, MA OTR

occupational therapist

"As a busy, single mom (and business owner) of 2

kids...we were really struggling post-divorce with a lot of melt-downs and the kids feeling depressed. Dr. Barbara gave me amazing resources and customized coaching to help me align with my own childhood pain and apply the empathy and healing to help my own children. I highly recommend her!"

Tiana Smith


"I have consulted with Barbara to help me bring the Polyvagal Theory and the Safe and Sound Protocol into my private practice. I’ve been working with trauma my whole career (30 plus years) and I know a solid, and approachable professional when I meet one! Her enthusiasm and passion for her work is contagious. After I watched one of her recent videos I told her she reminds me of everyone’s favorite teacher. If you have a chance to work with her, don’t pass it up."

Carol JS Nickerson, LICSW, CFT

clinical social worker

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