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Harness the power of relationships and resilience to heal trauma & attachment disruptions.

Create happier & stronger families with greater resilience and confidence in their journey forward.

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What is Resilience Based Psychotherapy ?

Resilience Based Psychotherapy is an integration of evidence based practices that create a powerful toolbox for therapists. Interventions are included from Interpersonal Neurobiology, Polyvagal Theory, and Positive Psychology.

The combination of these approaches allows a therapist to tailor their interventions to the specific needs of each child, teen or family for maximum impact and progress.  

Family Resilience Coaching

Family Resilience Toolbox

Parents can end up frustrated and overwhelmed with difficult behavior that seems to have no end in sight.  They feel like they have tried everything and nothing seems to be getting better.

When a therapist teaches a parent the basics of how trauma and attachment impact a child or teen and how to crack the code on behavior, they develop the skills and confidence to support their child even at the toughest of times. 

Patterns of intergenerational trauma, confusion regarding parenting strategies, and overwhelm with life demands can leave parents exhausted and feeling as if they lack resilience.

The Family Resilience Coaching approach is based on helping parents learn how to crack the code of the child's behavior. It teaches how to intervene to build resilience while taming tantrums and trauma reactions.  Typical parenting strategies, such as time outs, can escalate the defensive behaviors related to fight or flight which results in tantrums that become increasingly difficult to manage.  Worse yet, the child just withdraws (freeze reaction) and disconnects from the parent-child relationship.  The Family Resilience Coaching approach creates a foundation of confidence for the parent to know exactly how to support their child to feel safe and develop positive relationships.


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"Barbara Woods, PhD. is a passionate advocate for children and their families. I have co-led a book study with Barbara and experienced her creativity and ability to teach others, parents and professionals. She is highly knowledgeable about trauma and Polyvagal Theory. Through her trauma-informed approaches and expert guidance, she helps each person who’s life she touches."

Doreen Hunt, MA OTR

occupational therapist

"As a busy, single mom (and business owner) of 2

kids...we were really struggling post-divorce with a lot of melt-downs and the kids feeling depressed. Dr. Barbara gave me amazing resources and customized coaching to help me align with my own childhood pain and apply the empathy and healing to help my own children. I highly recommend her!"

Tiana Smith


"I have consulted with Barbara to help me bring the Polyvagal Theory and the Safe and Sound Protocol into my private practice. I’ve been working with trauma my whole career (30 plus years) and I know a solid, and approachable professional when I meet one! Her enthusiasm and passion for her work is contagious. After I watched one of her recent videos I told her she reminds me of everyone’s favorite teacher. If you have a chance to work with her, don’t pass it up."

Carol JS Nickerson, LICSW, CFT

clinical social worker

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Harness the Power of Relationships

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