Initially launched in 2017 as a community and resource for psychotherapists to develop knowledge and skills necessary to build resilience in children & their families. In 2019, services were expanded to include psychotherapists, coaches, and service based professionals to develop peaceful & prosperous practices in both life and business. If you are looking to build your personal resilience, as well as increase the peace and prosperity in your life and business, then you are in the right place.

Hi! I’m Dr. Barbara Woods

I’m a psychotherapist & consultant specializing in supporting psychotherapists, coaches, and service based professionals to develop resilience based practices anchored in positive psychology and mindful leadership. My private practice, Willow’s Bend Counselling Centre, Inc. is located in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. My clinical work tends to gravitate towards children who have experienced trauma or attachment disruptions. I love to crack the code on their behavioral difficulties and support the adults in these children’s lives too. I also love to crack the code on success, productivity, and living a peaceful & prosperous life while enjoying my business. Through my private practice and community of over 7,500 psychotherapists, I’ve learned the importance of developing skills based on personal resilience, positive psychology, and mindful leadership. These skills were the foundation to building a 7-figure practice in a small rural community.

My experience in treating children of trauma didn’t start in the graduate school classroom. It actually started on a gravel road during 4th Grade. I was waiting at the end of my driveway for the bus when a stranger drove by and then turned around and drove by again. When he saw that my brother had joined me, he sped away throwing gravel… only to approach the neighbor.
Unfortunately, this man was terrorizing communities by attempting to abduct young girls who were waiting at bus stops. As a result of my witnessing this crime and ability to identify the car and man, I was frequently taken out of school to identify vehicles pulled over by police and to attend police line ups. So, in caring for the people I serve, I don’t approach it from a textbook or a training. I approach it from what I learned that day when my own safety and security were shattered and the journey toward resilience. As I follow alongside your journey, I will show you the actionable skills and strategies that will build your personal resilience for a peaceful and prosperous life and business.
I am bringing the knowledge and skills I have developed through training and owning my own psychotherapy practice to service based professionals. The impact of your resilience, peacefulness, and prosperity can make a huge difference in the lives of your clients. You can impact and influence the life of your clients in a brave, authentic, and magnificent way. You just need the skills to cultivate beauty in the chaos and tame the stress that comes from serving others.

Throughout my clinical and business experience, I have been committed to providing cutting edge interventions and information to parents, foster parents, teachers, psychotherapists, and service based professionals. My focus on success and achievement started when I was 15 years old and made my first big purchase…a set of cassettes from Brian Tracy on the Psychology of Achievement. It was my first purchase that was close to $100 and it completely changed my life. I devoured that information and started learning personal effectiveness, leadership, and success. These skills helped me to get accepted to a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology, obtain honors in employment settings, and establish a successful, 7-figure practice in a small rural area.

My commitment to the healing process and resilience doesn’t end when I leave the counselling room. My vision is to provide a supportive educational environment for psychotherapists, coaches, and service based professionals to enhance their life and business with actionable strategies related to resilience, mindful leadership, and positive psychology. An emphasis on building a peaceful and prosperous life and business will provide you with the support, learn new daily habits, and show you the way to your own peaceful and profitable life and business.

You can’t keep giving from an empty cup. Come here to fill yourself back up.