Throughout her career, Dr. Woods has provided many workshops related to mental health, childhood trauma, and general well-being. She has specialized in training parents, teachers, and mental health professionals regarding trauma and attachment. Below are some of the workshops she has provided in person and webinars she is hoping to offer in the future. If you are interested in scheduling a live workshop or attending a webinar, please get in touch through the Contact Us page.

Coming Into Balance For All Our Relations

Dr. Woods was awarded a grant from the Adjudication Secretariat in Canada to provide a one year intensive group workshop for survivors of the Indian Residential School (IRS). These individuals experienced significant loss and trauma when forcibly separated from their families to attend far away residential schools. Many of these survivors also experienced significant physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from both staff and students in the schools. This workshop focused on supporting each survivor to experiencing healing within the self, their family, the community, and the nation of Indigenous people. Emphasis was placed on the resilient nature of Indigenous people, attachment, and healing within their families.

Children's Mental Health & Mindful Leadership for Teachers

The difficulties children face in the classroom when dealing with mental health issues can be enormous. These difficulties place a strain on the teachers, educational assistants, administration and other students. Understanding how some of the more common mental health difficulties (ie., anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.) impact students is crucial for supporting the child’s learning. In addition, by developing mindful leadership skills, teachers have lower stress, greater ability to connect with the students, and improved classroom behaviors. Simple, actionable steps that support the self-awareness and clarity needed by teachers, educational assistants, and administrators were provided.

Healing from Within: TLC's SITCAP Model for Indigenous Children & Youth

Indigenous children face alarming rates of trauma, including intergenerational and complex forms of trauma. Therefore, reliable interventions that are culturally relevant for Indigenous children and youth are in high demand. Dr. Woods presented a 90 minute workshop at the 2015 Reclaiming Youth International Conference. The workshop reviewed how SITCAP, one of the main treatment intervention programs from The National Institute for Trauma & Loss in Children (TLC), is culturally relevant and additional modifications or interventions that support Indigenous children & teens. Ten key concepts for using SITCAP with Indigenous children and teens was also explored. Culturally based, hands-on sensory interventions were also reviewed.

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