Parent training and coaching is available with Dr. Woods in various formats. First, she is developing an online learning platform that is based on providing all kinds of parents (ie., biological, foster, adoptive, and step) with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their children. Although most of the content is geared toward parenting children with trauma & attachment disruptions, the skills and strategies are useful for any child with difficulties regulating their behavior. There is an emphasis on current research and brain-based strategies (interpersonal neurobiology) that tame tantrums and create calm in the midst of chaos. Second, Group Coaching Packages will also be available to get the support necessary to put knowledge into action. Special emphasis will be placed on problem solving for putting the content of the online courses into action and troubleshooting any difficulties that arise. Finally, Private Parent Coaching will be available for parents who would like in-depth private coaching that goes beyond the online courses and group coaching. Dr. Woods provides laser focused strategies that support your child, decrease parental frustration & stress, and create happy, harmonious families.