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Are you looking for actionable strategies to support a child who has experienced trauma, loss, or attachment disruptions?  If so...


When a child experiences trauma and attachment disruptions, their behavior can significantly shift to being defensive or shut down.  When therapist and parents have the tools necessary for supporting these children, they can crack the code on behavior.  When we understand what is underneath the behavior, we can become agents of change for the child. 

When parents and therapists work collaboratively to create a foundation of co-regulation and trauma informed parenting strategies, the length of therapy is typically shorter and the impact is greater.

The Resilience Based Psychotherapy Framework is combination of evidence based practices that are specially designed to support children and their families to find the sunshine after the storm.  These practices provide a powerful synergy of neurobiology, regulating the autonomic nervous system (fight, flight & freeze responses), and building resilience.  Therapists using the Resilience Based Psychotherapy Framework are certified in the following:

  • Applied Interpersonal Neurobiology:   supports the neural integration of top down (cognitive) and bottom up (nervous system & sensory experiences) processes to create harmony between these important neural functions.  
  • Polyvagal Theory and Interventions: implemented to down-regulate the nervous system and create a safe & social state for the child or teen to fully participate in the parent-child relationship as well as friendships and other relationships as well.  
  • Resilience Skills: provide a foundation for the child to strengthen the positive growth while supporting the integration of these gains in additional environments such as school, friendships, and community.

Resilience Based Parent Coaching is based on the Family Resilience Toolbox. These skills provide parents with the skills necessary to support the child or teen through traumatic experiences while creating a stronger parent-child realtionship.  

The Family Resilience Toolbox includes:

  • Crack the Code Framework - understanding what is happening below the surface of problem behaviors.
  • Tantrum Tools - an evidence based approach that informs the parent of their child's unique tantrum pattern and interventions to decrease negative behaviors.
  • Harness the Power of Relationships - when parents learn how to stay in a mindful & calm state, they are much more likely to be able to connect with their child in a way that redirects them from negative behavior. 
  • Mapping Family Resilience - intergenerational trauma can lead a family to live in chaos without end in site. When a family learns their own unique family strengths and resilience, resistance can be transformed to resilience.

Learn to transform intergenerational trauma